Know Thyself: Time for Personality Tests

You believe that you know yourself. As Apostle Paul said, “You do well.” But how accurately do you suppose you really know yourself? Would you like to find out?

All of us are used to taking tests. But sometimes we are surprised by one or two test outcomes that jolts us, wakes us up, or pricks our attention, and that forces an introspection. One such discovery/introspection is by taking the Personality Test.

The purpose of Personality Tests, according to Kolbe Corporation, “is to identify the style, feelings and attitudes of people at a particular time in their life. A person’s preferences, values, and feelings can change over time which would change their personality “type.”

There are a few tests types out there. Many of us may be familiar with the Myers-Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI). This is mostly used by companies and colleges to assess, for fit, the personality types of their staff/students. If you’re like me, you’ve probably taken this test before; not once, but a few times. If you’re again like me, your personality type has been constant. But how do you react when, after having taken the same test for the umpteenth time, the result changes slightly. That slight change could mean a lot. Did you change? Or something changed in you. Wouldn’t you want to know what changed and why? I would.

Our recent national events have changed tons of things around and for us. This might be a major indicator of change. But was it the event, the person, or the reaction to the event? Whatever the reason for change, it’s important to find out.

Taking tests like MBTI helps teams and collaboration, especially at the workplace. But I believe that it is worthwhile to know for oneself as well. I am therefore sharing if you’ve never done one before, now is a good time to know your personality type. Even if you’ve done the test before, with COVID-19 and the mental anguish that came with it, your result may have changed like mine did. Mine changed slightly by a letter but it was enough to invoke some introspection.

Take the Test

The original Myers-Briggs test costs $49. For those who don’t mind the price, here’s the link:

I however found a free site here.

I also found a site where you can take the Personality test, as well as other tests: DISC, Enneagram, and Core Values free.

Per Crystal, the DISC “measures and predicts observable behavior.” The Enneagram “helps you understand core motivations, stressors, and opportunities for growth.” And the Core Values, seems obvious.

. . .

Hope you find it useful. Have fun knowing yourself! 😊


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