Unquenchable Hunger

There’s a yearning in human beings that nothing satisfies where we find ourselves craving more money, more cars, more clothes, more shoes, more degrees (than the thermometer – T D Jakes), more of this and more of that. Yet when those things are obtained, we still want more.

What makes people want more?

This insatiable hunger is often a spiritual void that only God; not more of anything, can fulfill.

“There is a spiritual hunger in our hearts, which can only be satisfied by God.”

Nicky Gumbel

Often this void manifests in certain ways that it takes the uncanny to recognize it. Changing from one job or relationship to the other, never being satisfied with anything or anyone, complaining or always on short-fuse, are few examples of one who needs Father God but does not yet realize it. These occurrences are not a one-timer kind, but are occurrences that would have gone on for years without change. This is because the person is incapable of change or satisfaction by themselves and often have to succumb to a higher power. If they could, they would have helped themselves out of it. And the more they try to stop or rid themselves of the desire, ironically, the more they can’t and the more they want!

The Spiritual Connection

Undoubtedly, we all need a spiritual connection. What that connection is for everyone differs from person to person. Even agnostics and atheists have often come to the realization of a higher being/existence; though they fail to ascribe the realization to God.

For some, it takes a life-changing event such as an accident or debilitating illness to wake one up to the realization of the need for help from, or to seek, God. And like the Good Father that He is, He will never turn His back on anyone. Rather, He welcomes you with open arms because He’s being waiting for you, and us all, to call out and move closer to Him.

Let’s act now and not wait for that life-changing event to happen.

As Philip Wijaya stated, “In physical hunger, we feel discomfort or weakness caused by a lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat. In spiritual hunger, likewise, we crave “food” for the spirit, without which we cannot survive.”

Spiritual Food

Spiritual hunger can only be satisfied with spiritual food.

“The Word of God is the best spiritual nourishment for our soul-spirit.”

P. Wijaya

The Bible is the Word of God. Get one and begin reading it today. Begin reading from the New Testament which is the twenty-seven books of Matthew through Revelation. The Book of Matthew begins with the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is pertinent information but can be boring for new readers. It’s okay to skip the first chapter and return to it later. The Bible is filled with wisdom. I pray that God will reveal Himself to you by His Holy Spirit as you feed on His Word. It is my belief that your spiritual hunger will be satisfied.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6)



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