Recipe: Dad’s Potato-Plantain Breakfast Special

This is one of our late Dad’s favorite breakfast dish. It has now become a favorite in my household hence we named it after him. The Special is filling and healthy; aside from the corned beef which is extremely high in sodium. If you’d like to try the recipe and would like to omit or substitute the corned beef, please go ahead. “Lite sodium” corned beefs are also available in the markets and can be used instead.


  • Russet Potato (1/2 of the piece in the picture was used)
  • Yellow Plantain
  • Eggs (6)
  • Corned beef
  • Oil (your choice; I use Olive or Corn Oil)
  • Salt (optional)

Cooking Instructions

  1. Pour half a cup of oil in the frying pan and heat up
  2. Peel and dice the potato
  3. Pour into the oil in frying pan
  4. Peel and dice the plantain and add to potato
  1. Let fry till desired brownness
  1. Crack the eggs in a mixing bowl
  2. Add a 1/6 – 1/4 of the corned beef
  3. Mix together and pour over other ingredients in the frying pan
  1. Reduce stove fire to low medium
  2. Allow mixture to slow fry without burning (or browning) too quickly. Gently turn over till eggs are fully fried.

(Reducing the fire allows mixture to gel together. Properly done, meal turns over like “quiche.”

Dad’s Special is ready to eat.

Serve in triangular slice portions.

Enjoy with your favorite beverage – tea, hot chocolate, or juice for breakfast.


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