Jesus Ministry: Dreams

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Do you dream? I mean the real dream (the noun). Not the act of you thinking and imagining what could be. Those are good too as was Disney was built on the foundations of imagination and fantasy were.

But today, I want to talk about the Dreams in which you lay down, shut your eyes, and within an hour or so, involuntarily start seeing people and things, while sleeping. Yes, that one. Do you experience that? Let’s talk about it.

What are Dreams?

Biblically, God has been known to speak to His people in and through dreams. (Numbers 12:6, Job 33:14-30). Christians are too familiar with Joseph and his dreams (Genesis 37), King Nebuchadnezzar and the three Hebrew boys (Daniel 2), including Pharaoh and his butler and baker (Genesis 40). In fact, the warning (or advice) to protect baby Jesus came through a dream to Joseph (Matthew 2:19-21). Dreams is also one of the signs of God pouring out His Spirit on earth (Acts 2:17). All these, in my opinion, demonstrate the importance of Dreams.

Scientifically, dreams have been acknowledged as occurring during sleep and are often referred to as REM (rapid eye movements.). However, a research admits that “the initial equation of REM sleep with dreaming has been shown to be inaccurate.” And though I disagree with the research’s conclusion that “dreaming may be closely related to imagination, where brain activity presumably flows in a “top-down” manner,” I somewhat agree that in the scientific world “disconnection from the external environment when dreaming poses a central unsolved paradox, the answer to which may be instrumental for understanding dreams.”

Nonetheless, dreams are so important that the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS) wrote about it. Not to state that it is a disorder, but to draw your attention to the importance of sleep which is where and when dreams occur. Click here to read more.

So, what are Dreams? I’m glad you asked. The dictionary has various definitions.

Contrary to the dictionary’s definition, however, research has confirmed that dreams are involuntary.

“Dreams show that our brain, disconnected from the environment, can generate by itself an entire world of conscious experiences.”

My interpretation of this is that we do have conscious experiences though unconscious while sleeping. Is this your interpretation as well? If not, please comment.

Could dreams therefore be paranormal? 🤔

Here’s my definition of Dreams:

An involuntary visualization of succession of events or objects that reveal either God or others’ planned actions, whether good or bad, for you for the present or future. These visualization can also reveal past events that can help with underlying issues in one’s life. They can also be in form of a warning or direction.

. . .

I propose that we all would have dreamed at least once in our lifetime. Also, that dreams are not restricted to any particular one – everyone is capable of dreaming; Christians, Moslems, even non-believers, old and young, male and female.

Some people remember their dreams even years after, while several others do not or barely remember but will often have de ja vu moments later in real life. Some people have multiple dreams during the night. Some of those dreams might be a series of short continuous or different dreams. Others dream occasionally. Some dream in color (God/divine), others dream in black and white, yet some have both types of dreams. I propose to you that the more you remember your dreams, the more God will send them your way. However, if you’re one who says “I don’t dream.” It is either that you do not remember them or you are not interested in what God is trying to show or tell you. God speaks and is still speaking but your antenna might be dull or not tuned to His. You can change that. If you are one who doesn’t remember his or her dreams, a first starting point is drawing nearer to God; start reading your Bible, and by asking God to talk to you.

I believe that Dreams are significant especially to one’s spiritual life. I also believe that they reveal tangible clues.

I hope this blesses you. Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Jesus Ministry: Dreams

  1. At the time, we had to do a paper on REM and dreams. As you can imagine, the psychology class was a large one. On top of that, as I was walking out of the main library (so hundreds of students everywhere), our psychology professor made her way through the crowd and stopped in front of me to let me know that she had given me a mark of 100% for my paper. Imagine my response, because at the time I was one face among many. I was flabbergasted and didn’t really know what to say. From memory, in my paper, I did discuss the technical/current research regarding REM and when dreams occur as well as the different propositions of what dreams may be including the experience of Deja Vu. I experience the latter all the time, so in my mind, when this does happen, it feels like I have dreamt about the matter already.

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  2. Hey SeanFletcher,
    Thanks for visiting. Love your comments. Did you say that your dreams were “regarding matters that have either happened or are going to happen?” Did you share this in your undergrad psychology class? If so, I’d be curious to hear your professor’s thoughts if you remember them.
    Just as medical doctors will not support or recommend holistic or natural medicines, I do not expect that your college psychology professor would have stated anything contrary to dreams being REM. If you dreamed about “matters that are going to happen,” how did it impact you before and/or when it actually happened?
    No doubt, we each have various views about dreams, and other issues. I respect your views.
    Appreciate your input.

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  3. I dream all the time. Many of my dreams (when I remember them after waking up) are regarding matters that have either happened or are going to happen. When I was young I certainly had nightmares and one recurring one that probably stopped about ten years ago.

    I did complete one unit of psychology as an under graduate a long time ago. The subject I excelled in was REM and dreams. My view is that dreams are what they are: experiences, or messages, or imagination and so on.

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