An Outdoor Aquarium

I couldn’t help taking a photo of this outdoor aquarium that I saw while on my walk the other day.

The walk was around a more residential neighborhood and a change from my usual route. I got to a path that I had to wait on the side, in adhering to the safe distancing, to allow an elderly man to pass by. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked “have you seen the fishes?” I was puzzled. The area is not my neighborhood so I didn’t understand what he meant. But I responded “no, what fishes?” He, rather than walk past me, then moved to the left and pointed. So I walked closer, still maintaining the six-feet distancing rule, to look at what he was pointing at. I was blown. “Wow,” I exclaimed. “Beautiful. Thanks for showing it to me.” He also told me that “they just added more.” Referring to the owners adding more fishes to the aquarium. We spent a few minutes together watching and chatting before continuing our separate walks but we never saw the owners/residents of the home. They probably entertain numerous visitors and chats daily and don’t come out any more when people/walkers stop to admire their aquarium. They also could have been away. As for me, I was glad that I

  1. walked a different path that day
  2. met a stranger who shared with me
  3. found a beautiful outdoor aquarium. I’ve seen a variety of indoor aquariums but never an outdoor
  4. took a photo to add to my collection and WordPress images.

I hope you find both the aquarium and photo beautiful as I did. If not, it’s okay. I love them both. 😍

Be inspired to:

  • Do something different; from your normal routine, today
  • Meet someone new
  • Try something new
  • Share – it doesn’t detract from you, but adds.

Enjoy your weekend! ✌🏾


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