Financial Monday: Teenage Millionaires

Do you remember what you did at ages 4, 8, or 9? Most of us probably don’t.

The above featured teenagers started their businesses at those ages. They have now made some impressive business and financial strides that most adults have never made, nor would ever make in their lifetime. I still haven’t made my $1 million dollar, still working towards it!

These teenagers have made millions for themselves, retired or employed their parents, and are using business lingos that most adults have never heard of.

They were not born with silver spoons nor had parents who handed them the businesses. Each teenager made it by sheer curiosity, hard work, and determination.

I would guess that about 50% of most kids their ages put up lemonade or cookie stands outside their homes during summer. I remember being compelled to stop to buy a $1-cup (and a bag of cookies) most times just to encourage those kids. But one took it a notch higher.

Another traded stocks, while one started with “hustling” trading t-shirts. All three are now famous entrepreneurs.

There are probably more of them out there. Geniuses or unicorns? You be the judge.

While most kids were being kids, some are stepping out and being exceptional and even surpassing the adults.

Here’s to their much more success 🪘

What are your thoughts?


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