Unnecessary Evil

Uhm uhm uhm
I have seen so much evil in my days
Days that culminate into years.

Evil that are just unnecessary
Evil that tears families and friends apart
Evil that refuses to go away and lingers generation after generation
Evil that despite one party apologizing for the wrongdoing
The Evil festers and, like
The one bad apple that destroys the whole basket,
That Evil separates a whole family or group of friends.

I began to wonder
Why. Oh why? God why?
I listened to what He would say to me
And this is what I hear:

The heart of my people is maliciously wicked
None of you can fathom it
For I see what you don’t see
I see the hearts of everyone
What is said openly
Does not often match their hearts
What is done openly
Differs from what is done behind closed doors
If I could just open your eyes
To see what I see
It would blast your mind.

The evil stems from
Jealousy, envy, wrath, rivalry, evil concupiscence, greed, lasciviousness, hatred, lying, and the likes.
All these are not from Me.
All these are the unnecessary evil
They stem from fear
They stem from people wanting other peoples’ stuff
Being impatient to wait for theirs at My time.

But this one thing I would say
I see it all
Just be who I have created you to be
One of pure heart
One with a big heart
ever willing to help
Ever loving all but hating none
Do not be overcome with evil
But overcome evil with good.

Do not look at the evil being done
Just look up to me
I got this. Trust me.

The evil you see today
And the people who perpetuate them
One day. Oh one day soon
You shall see them no more.


There are still much Good
In my people and on earth
Just like the 7,000 whom I reserved
whom have not bowed their knees to Baal
There are still my chosen ones on earth who are good
They are all around you
Some are near
And some far away
But I’m bringing them closer
To my people
And together
You band together
To destroy
The unnecessary evil that is plaguing my people on earth.

Peace to all My Sons and Daughters, old and young.

p.s. never stop being the good person because of the bad people or the evil you’ve experienced.


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