A poem using my Name

Credits: Unsplash / Preslie Hirsch

“God gives me Joy”
That’s who I am

Joy personify
I live and breath my name

I hope I gave my parents (of blessed memory)
Lotta joy while they lived.

I hope I have radiated some joy
To you today or at some other time.

I delight to resonate my name
To strangers and foes alike
But please don’t do any wickedness
To my ears or eyes
Even at that
You’ll see me rebuking in joy

I hate wickedness with a passion
And cannot stand to watch it happen
Wickedness and Joy always collide
The two cannot co-habit
And one has to flee
To make way for the other.

Give me
Is the short form;

I hope I saved you the agony of sounding out my long name. Or did I save myself the agony of hearing my name butchered every time I’m called.

But wait a moment why should we agonize? If all can call Schwarzenegger or Antetokounmpo, all can call OluwaFunmiLAyo. But never mind, I’ll keep it at Funmi, for short, and let you have the joy of calling it.

I not only give joy
But I give gifts of His Glory

Radiating His Peace, gentleness and meekness (though not always), goodness, and faith, long suffering, perseverance, and temperance for sure.

I love, and give it, too.
That I am commanded to be, do, and give

What would you have me give you today?


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