Why Worry

Credits: Unsplash / Kelly Sikkema

Worry if you want
Not a stature will it add
Why worry

Worry if you dare
More gray to you
Aging before your time
Why worry

Worry if you want
More stress to your elbows
Living in Anxiety land
Worry Makes life worse
Depriving you of joy for the moment

It’s Non productive
It’s a Wheel spinner
And Overall mental torture
Why worry

Worry looks back
At your past
And takes you to the future
That you’re not ready for
Robbing you of the present

Look back
At all the worries
Of yesterday
And yesteryears
And ask
Did any materialize
Why worry

Is a joy stealer
A peace taker
And a confusionist

Engage Your left brain
When the right
Is overworking
Why worry

Shut down those thoughts
And voices ringing
In your ears and head
Today, turn worry
Unto itself

Shut it down
Or Engage it
In a conversation

When worry taunts: “How are you getting there
when you don’t have a car?”
Joyfully reply: “Shut up; I’ll take the bus or metro
Or dare an Uber or Lyft
Or call my friend or family member
for a ride.
See I have options
you can’t scare nor torture me.”


The more you engage
Those worrying voices
Or thoughts
The lesser they become.

Try it today

Don’t let
Worry win no more
Like fear, worry is torture
But choose today
To torture the torturer.
And worry no more.


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