Of Coffee and Tea

Credits: Unsplash / Katrin Hauf

Flavorful, tasteful, aromatic
Flowery, earthy, and robust
Jumpstarts your day
Or caps your night.

Reach for the kettle
And brew
Enjoy it any which way

Some like it hot
To awaken the soul
Some like it cold
Refreshing the heart

Some like it black
And strong, espresso
Others like it white
Or latte’ish.
Yet some prefer the herbal

Caffeinated or decaf
Each serves its purpose.

Its aroma
First thing in the morning
Fills your nostrils
satisfies the cravings
And energizes
Or relaxes your nerves

Folgers and Typhoo couldn’t agree whether it’s the best
or better part of waking up

Maxwell says it’s flavor-locked and good till the last drop

Whatever it is

Know that, like Yogi, every cup serves your spirit
Make a tradition or ritual of it
Cos Celestial Seasoning agrees it doesn’t have to be boring

Spice it up
With some cayenne, lemon, ginger, or honey
Add it all
Or try it one at a time
To taste the one you
Like the best

Enjoy the most
with a slice of toast
Or an afternoon biscuit
Or night cookie
If you care

Enjoy alone
Or with a friend
Over chitchat
And, like Lyons, put the talk back
Into your tea or coffee

Barry, everyday should have its moment
And get you back to your Twinnings
All blended to make every day a little better

To help Pacific discover the world in your cup
Knowing that great ideas come from great tea and coffee

While living life to the full, the half and the decaf, at Nescafe’s quest

Continue the rituals
Or start the tradition
Your coffee and tea
Need not be rushed
Make it a bonding time
For the two, or all, of you

And you’ll be ready for anything and everything.


2 thoughts on “Of Coffee and Tea

  1. Beautiful expression…lovely poetry. There is a certain bond between the cup of tea and the drinker. In fact the cup of tea/ coffee help build bonds betwen people or get them closer to themselves.
    Stay blessed always 🙏🌹🙏

    Liked by 2 people

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