Monday Financial Nuggets: Change your thinking and words concerning Money

Our words are powerful whether we believe it or not. And it is unrelated to religious beliefs. Religion has nothing to do with the words we use. However, if you stop to think of how you came into being, you might agree that you are a spirit or are of a divine nature. If so, your words, and thinking for that matter, have some degree of spirit or divinity to it such that whatever you say or think will surely come to pass. Some times those words might merely be stated in passing; that is, with no seriousness to it, yet you will eventually see it come true.

Do you recognize any of the following negative thoughts or statements concerning money? They could be your words/thoughts or from others.


  • I don’t or never have enough
  • It feels like I’m putting my money in a basket with big holes
  • Whenever I make (or have) money, some thing comes to take it all away
  • Money goes out faster than it comes in
  • I will never make it
  • There’s never enough
  • My parents (or family) are poor, I will just be like them

I’m sure there are more. I racked hard to come up with these as I am a highly faith-filled lady such that when everyone says that there is a casting down, I believe that there is a lifting up. Negative words are not in my vocabulary. Never say never, so I’ll say I rarely use negative words. Some call it affirmations. Others call it declarations. I call it faith. Though in faith, you have to make declarations. But non-faith folks also make declarations. Whatever you call it, replace those negative words and thinking with positive faith-filled ones and watch the change not only in your money, but life generally. You shall have whatever you think and declare.

The positive for the above statements therefore are:

  • I have more than enough (I have an abundance and more to give away)
  • My money is in a secure place
  • I make (and have) money, nothing takes it away without my permission
  • Money comes in to me faster than it goes out leaving me with a good financial cushion
  • I will make it (or I have made it, or I am wealthy and financially secure)
  • There’s an abundance (or I have surplus)
  • My parents (or family) are poor, but I am (or will) be financially unlike them (or though my parents were poor, I am (or will) be wealthy.

The above are examples of words we use daily without much thought. Any wonder things are staying the same though our intentions are for them to change? Stop those wasted thinking and words today.


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