Loving Basketball: 2022 NBA All-Star 💫 Voting

I should have posted this sooner. Pardon me, but there’s still time to cast a vote.

If you’re a hoop fan, you know this is the time to vote for your favorite NBA All Star players. The All Star Games has been slated for February 20, 2022, and voting has already begun. The first and second rounds of votes have been released by the NBA. But voting is still ongoing.

Today, and specific days (Dec. 25, Jan. 7, Jan. 13, Jan. 17 and Jan. 20) before the voting is over on Saturday, January 22 at midnight, votes count as double. If you are not a hoop fan and are thus not partaking, or a fan who hasn’t voted yet, it’s not too late to join in the fun. Go to NBA.com (or the NBA App) to vote. If you don’t know who to vote for nor care who wins, pretty please help send, and vote for, the Golden State Warriors’ (GSW) players to this year’s All Star Game in Cleveland, OH. Thank you.

Below is the GSW Team list, in alphabetical order, just in case you don’t know all the players. You can only vote for two guards (G) and three forwards (F) per day. I suggest alternating (selecting different) players each day. This will give the younger and new players an opportunity to receive some votes.

Vote every night before 11:59 PM.

My favorite team as you know is the Warriors. I however have favorite players across teams. I must say that it’s been hard voting for each one of my favorite players daily. It also hasn’t been easy with voting all Warriors players. However, voting Guard Curry has been consistent; it is choosing the second Dubs guard to vote for that becomes an issue. I use the alternating method as well. How I wish we could vote for more than five players. Maybe the NBA Commissioner Stein is listening and will some day soon increase the number to twelve. All in favor say “Aye!”

What is the NBA All Star Game?

The All Star Game is a three-day fun, exciting, and highly competitive event. It showcases twenty-four of the leading NBA star players.

This year marks the 71st All Star Game. The players are voted by fans, players, and the media. The Coaches of the season’s leading NBA Conferences get to Coach the teams. The players with the leading votes for both Conferences gets to be the Captain. The Captain will choose his seven team players regardless of the player’s NBA Conference, while the Coaches select the five reserve players and they cannot select from their NBA Team. The All Star Teams play for charities of their choice. If you’ve never watched one, make this year your first. I can assure you that it will not be your last.


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