GSW-SK enter Game 5 tied

E40 & Steph Curry after Game 4 Win

Game 4 was expectantly electrifying as the fourth quarter went down to the wires at the Chase Center. Draymond Green was back and, together with Kevon Looney, protected the rim. Warriors narrowly won the Game to equalize the Series.

Back to SK for Game 5 today. As you (or may not) know the Playoffs is a game of seven. The first two games starts at the home of the higher seed, the next two at the lower seed’s, while the next three is alternated till game 7. However, a sweep of four wins the series. Two teams (Denver Nugget and Phoenix Suns) have now advanced to Round 2 as a result.

I share pics of Game 4 below.

Undoubtedly, Fox and the Kings played fiercely till the end. But, … As a staunch Dubs fan, here’s hoping the defending champs will be able to defend their title at the Kings’ court in a few.


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