Loving Basketball: R-E-S-P-E-C-T … Steph Curry did it in grand style!!!

Underrated, Reserved, & Humble Steph Curry

2022-23 Playoffs Round 1

Game 7 between Golden State Warriors (GSW) and Sacramento Kings (SK) was spectacular and, dare I say, the best in NBA history that I had ever watched. I wanna replay the whole reel.

The two teams rocked buckets back-and-forth in the first two quarters, with GSW playing on an even-keel, but better than they did in Game 6. Kings maintained their feisty momentum. At halftime, Steph Curry had had 20 points while his counterpart, Deaaron Fox, had only 6. The game tempo increased slightly in the third quarter and by its end, we saw a Curry in the zone; steady but highly energized and lifting his team to an incredible night of victory. He was unstoppable to say the least and effectively used his size to his advantage particularly when he dribbled between two pairs of Kings players to make a layup.

Curry was phenomenal. He took charge. He played extremely hard. He was resilient and never showed any sign of frustration. I, on the other hand, was yelling my throat out as the tempo and outcome of the game was unpredictable till the tides turned in the middle of the third quarter.

Steph finished the night with 50 (7 3-pointers) points becoming the new record holder with the most points made in a Playoff Game 7, breaking the 2021 record set by Kevin Durant (KD).

Basketball: a game of life

The win changed the narratives and silenced naysayers especially sports analysts who had condemned GSW, in favor of SK, based on the series’ performances.

“He showed that there’s still another level (to greatness).”

“Steph Curry is the vanguard of this era, not just a point guard.”

Meaning that we should endeavor not to take criticism or other people’s comments personal. Don’t we all wish that somebody will believe in us even when all hell is breaking loose around us. Don’t we all wish that someone will believe in us when everyone else does not? And don’t we all need someone to believe for us when we can’t for ourselves? To believe not momentarily but till the end even when the outcome doesn’t turn out the way we’d envisaged?

Mirroring life patterns of folks being quick to condemn based on one unfortunate incident (another topic for another day). One moment, it was “crucify him,” “Warriors’ done.” Another moment, by the same breath, they shouted “hosanna.”

I have learned to encourage myself over the years when none seem to be in my corner only for them to turn around later and apologize. It hurts. And I sensed Curry took it to heart personally and vowed in his heart not to lose Game 7. He single-handedly carried the Team that night. I wish I could interview him to tap into his thoughts. Maybe some day.

Kevon Looney

Another notable Warriors player of the game night was Kevon Looney who was equally impressive with 21 Rebounds, setting himself a new record.


Game 7’s outcome gave a new and open show of RESPECT and admiration for Steph Curry. It is/was impossible not to admire the guy. Still, he carried it all humbly.

On to Round 2

The Warriors barely got a deserved rest for they have to be ready to face the Los Angeles Lakers (LAL) later today for the next series.

As always, Think-Talk wishes both teams the very best.

Which Team do you think will win this series – Warriors or Lakers?


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