Loving Basketball: 😱 Round 2 Game 1

Credit: NBC Sports

Game 2 is on right now people!

The Warriors were favored to win Game 1 on home court. But, it was bungled. Not that the Warriors were sloppy; they started well and led in the first few minutes of the game, but when the fire 🔥 was to come, Warriors got into foul troubles with Draymond Green collecting three at the onset! Warriors didn’t really quench the fire, the fire just failed to burn. Two of Green’s fouls, in my opinion, were misappropriated. But, as we all know, the refs’ calls are irrevocable, so nothing was done about it. Those fouls, I believe, put Draymond in a cautious play mode and we couldn’t get his best. He was so angry that, at a point, I was scared that he would get a technical, but thank goodness he didn’t.

Steph vs LeBron

No doubt, Steph Curry and LeBron James, are two and best of the most competitive companies in the current NBA, thus making this round of playoff an ecstatic one and the game leaning heavily towards each one rather than towards the Team.

Records show that Steph and LeBronhave faced off 43 times overall; 20 games in the regular season, 22 in the playoffs, and one game in the play-in tournament.” Below is a dozen comparative stats of the two:

Though LeBron has more MVP laurels than Steph, the records and wagers overall show that Curry and the Warriors have the edge. Time will tell if the wagers be true.

Well, on to the next one today. Here’s hoping that the Warriors will appropriate their slogan, “We Believe” and not only defend their home court, but show their “Strength in the Numbers” today.


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