Loving Basketball: Warriors got this – wins Round 2 Game 2

Credits: ESPN – Proud Currys cheering

The Warriors trailed in the first quarter of the Game 2 Playoff till Klay Thompson ignited a flaming fire. He was aflame with 30 points (8 3-pointers), burned everyone on court, to led Warriors to victory.

Klay Thompson

Curry was double- and even triple-teamed throughout the game. But they couldn’t hold him captive for long as he slicked around all players to finish the game with a double-double of 20 points and 12 assists.

It takes only one person to make a change


Klay was the game changer in Game 2. In life that’s all we need; that one person willing to step, stand, or speak up to say “not on my watch,” “not in my backyard,” or “enough is enough.” It’s also what being a team player is about. That one person that will show kindness when everyone is being unkind and/or a bully.

Kevon Looney

I thought that Kevon Looney played his best Playoff game during the Sacramento Kings’ Series with a 21 rebound on Round 1 Game 7. But he topped it up with 29 rebounds on Round 2 Game 1 against Lakers. He however was unable to match those previous. Unfortunately, he did not start at Game 2 as he wasn’t feeling his best. He had only 8 rebounds.

What’s this RTI?

Yours truly hasn’t been feeling well for the past week either. According to my doctor, a respiratory tract illness (RTI) is in the air. The symptoms are similar to flu/covid. Not fun. The worst for me is the muscle/body ache! Where did that come from? Beats me.

But I empathize with Looney as he did not look his usual self and strength. I hope he does not have the RTI and pray he feels better soonest.

Warriors evens the Series and heads to Los Angeles for Games 3 and 4. I hope that Warriors have indeed broken the road slump and will take their A game to the Crypto Center.

Stop Press

Game 3 just ended. Lakers defended their home court to beat the Warriors … More to come.


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