Loving Basketball: Warriors-Lakers Round 2 Game 3

Curry’s jiggle

I haven’t seen the Warriors so inconsistent in their game like they have been in this Playoff. I began to ask myself “is’t a strategy?” I was all on edge with the Sacramento Kings Series, but kept praying and believing. Warriors’ mantra after all is “We believe’l right? Thank goodness for that outcome. I am seriously hoping that it is a strategy which will also payoff in this Round 2 Series as I’d be terribly disappointed if it wasn’t and they fail to bring their A+ game tonight for Game 4.

Warriors led by 7 points at the end of the first quarter of Game 3. LeBron didn’t score a point in that quarter. That was really impressive that the Dubs held James pointless. I expected more fire in subsequent quarters, but they failed to contain LeBron pointless, and couldn’t sustain the lead and tempo. Warriors got into not only fouls, but also technical troubles thereafter with Draymond Green having back-to-back fouls, too! Surprised, right? Not! I pray Draymond is extra sensitive most times to his team and the moment. He had a total of five fouls and Looney still wasn’t feeling his best. At a point I thought Draymond will get a second technical because he wouldn’t keep quiet and was waiting for him to be escorted off the court. But that tech went to Jamychal Green. The two Warriors’ Greens are alike in so many ways! I’ll recommend a tape over Draymond’s mouth for the remainder of the Playoffs. I think he plays best when he talks less. Just my thoughts.

This is going to be an interesting Series. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

Today’s game is a must win for Warriors, Steph Curry must bring that dance tonight and ThinkTalk hopes he will.


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