Loving Basketball: Game 4 was depressing; 5 was promising, and 6 a must-win for GSW

Andrew Wiggins

Game 4 was depressing

The Warriors-Lakers Round 2 Game 4 was extremely depressing for ThinkTalk to watch. Need I blog about it again? I watched as strange things were happening on court with the Dubs players looking so perplexed as all their efforts proved abortive. Golden State Warriors (GSW) were only down a point at the end of the first quarter and had led both the second and third quarters, but into the fourth was a different story. The most devastating was watching Curry throw away the ball at the dying critical seconds. That ball in the right Warriors’ hands could have either given the Warriors a win or forced the game into overtime. GSW fought till the end though. Sadly, Curry’s triple-double was insufficient and Warriors lost! You can read the NBA’s recap here.

The trait of a warrior is returning to the battlefield with optimism when everything around him/her states that he/she has lost. And so, true to their name, the Warriors faced the Los Angeles Lakers (LAL) in Game 5 with relentless optimism.

Steph Curry

Game 5 was promising

Steph Curry, Warriors’ lead and guard, was hard-pressed on every side. Lakers made him work for all his shots. But other Warriors’ players took the reigns; notably Andrew Wiggins (aka “Wiggs”) who was super effective on all sides and Draymond Green who was the solo back-to-back opening scorer.

Kudos to Draymond on this game. He curtailed his fouls, brought his fire, and finished the night with a double-double. Here’s hoping that he will replicate it tonight.

Great players find other ways to contribute when their specialty isn’t working and Curry is no exception.”

Shaun Powell

In the end, Warriors defeated Lakers to force a Game 6. Read more here

Game 6 a must-win for GSW

This Series must end positively at the Chase Center. To ensure it does, Game 6 tonight is a win for Golden State Warriors and all the Dubs’ players must be locked in to make it happen. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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