Loving Basketball: Warriors’ 2022-23 Season Ended

Credits: Golden State Warriors

It was sad and depressing to watch how the defending champions fell yesterday. One saw the pain in each player’s eyes and particularly in Curry’s. I couldn’t sleep either because I could not comprehend what just happened.

But like warriors, I’m sure that they will be back a much better team for the 2023-24 Season after going to the drawing board to make adjustments to their roster. Nonetheless, it was a great season and I commend them for their dedication and par excellence in always putting up a thrilling game for us all to watch. The Warriors are the optimal NBA Team for me to watch and only a handful of Teams qualify.

All the Pacific Division Teams qualified for this Season’s Playoff and the only two still standing, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers, will battle it out for the Western Conference championship. ThinkTalk wishes both, including the Eastern Conference Teams, the very best.


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