Sharing Thursday: INFP Personality Type: 5 Key Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses & More

There are 16 different Myers-Briggs combinations a person can be, and the INFP is a rare, reserved type known for their “go with the flow” personality.
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I haven’t shared a post in a while, but thought this is a great one for our community to be aware of.

INFP Arise!

Are you an INFP personality type? You’re a rare gem according to the above post. How rare are you? Read the article to find out.

I did a post on personality types where I shared sites where you can find out about your own personality type, if you don’t already know it. Click here for that post with links should you want to find out your personality type.

(Credits: Myers-Biggs Foundation)

Knowing your personality type helps in relationships and career because you are not only aware of who you are, but are now cognizant of those you get along with as well as those you might easily conflict with, being aware also helps one to understand and appreciate the diverse personality types.


Sharing Thursday: Raising our kids to be successful

Credits: TED

I feel the above is worth sharing.

Hearing it from a former Dean of Freshmen of one of the top colleges should benefit parents on both sides of the spectrum; that is, those who over-pamper their kids on one spectrum and those who are too strict with their kids on the other end. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum until one day I chose to intentionally “let go.” Oh how I wished I released (or dropped) the hammer sooner and just allowed us all to live.

When my daughters were in middle and high schools, they thought they had Cinderella’s step mother as a mom. But, on starting college, they couldn’t stop raving and thanking me for the chores I made them do though they didn’t like it at the time. I might have mentioned this before in one of my blogs. One of my daughters had a roommate in freshman who didn’t know how to lay her bed, another didn’t know how to wash dishes or clean up after herself. She was willing to pay her roomies to do it for her. She also didn’t know how to call to make a doctor’s appointment. My daughter was happy to show her. “Where did you learn it from?” she asked my daughter. Our Mom taught us. Her mom, on the other hand, did everything for her.

I’m not bashing my daughter’s roommate, but merely collaborating the essence of the TED video.

I never allowed my daughters to take the bus or train alone until they were in high school. I went with them on the first rides and allow them afterwards on their own with instructions and advices. They had friends who had been riding buses and trains alone since middle school. It’s all a matter of parents’ comfort level and styles.

What’s your parenting style?

Parenting styles are different. And like the proverbial “one man’s meat is another’s poison,” parenting styles can and do often clash. Within households, fathers can be too overbearing, while mothers because of their nurtured wirings, might be ones with the soft touch balancing dad’s acts. It could also be the reverse where mom is the stricter of the parents. This is not uncommon in households with all, or more, girls/daughters. Because Dads often are softer with their daughters, moms step in and up to ensure the necessary discipline.

Notwithstanding the differences in styles, it is essential that our kids be balanced in life. How we ensure the balance depends on a variety of factors. Each household is unique and the balancing act also will be equally as unique. As the TED video shows, the balance is more profound towards academics than other areas. We would rather wash their dirty dishes and clothes, while our kids “study” or do their homeworks. We are more focused on their grades than their welfare.

As an example, my daughter, while a freshman on her high school’s varsity basketball team, which was a rarity at the time (first in the school’s history) allowed her grades to suffer because I gave her “some freedom” and didn’t micromanage her in order to keep up being a best on the team. When asked why, she told me “I thought freshman’s grades don’t count. I’ll make it up through my sophomore to senior years.” I felt like “strangling” her. Instead, I sat her down and explained to her that without the grade, she can’t continue to be on the varsity team which would be double-jeopardy. She ended up taking college classes to make up her grades. She loved the idea of being a high-school in college and took classes till her first semester of senior. She graduated high school with excess credits as a result because I disallowed her taking the rest of her senior semesters off.

I don’t think that I could have lived with myself having her flunk any class. Could I have slacked more and allowed her to make it up in the subsequent years? Maybe. But what if by her Junior year, her grades are still not where she had hoped they would be? Then what? We would have had no time for any recourse. An alternative would have been for her to give up basketball, but that would have been taking away something she was good at and worked hard for.

Again, it’s a parenting preference.

The key point of the post is to know where and what to forgo in order to help our kids be alive and have a successful balanced life.

Does It Take a Village? – Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

What would you do if someone left a disturbing comment on your blog? Let me clarify: I don’t mean a troll. I don’t mean someone who attacks you, or your post. When I say disturbing I mean more like, they write about how sad they are, or depressed, or how life is just horrible… So,…
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It’s Sharing Thursday.

My post today was inspired by this post which I found yesterday.

LA, the author, has many legit questions that should set each one of us thinking.

Please read and visit her website,, if you choose to, for more thought-provoking blogs.

Interesting to know your answers to the questions posed by LA.



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Sharing Thursday #3: Little Chef’s Apron @

This young lady has had me floored since I found her post. She dishes faster than I can keep up with her. Something she “tried her hand on … just before the lockdown period.” You would think she’s being cooking, baking, and shaking from the womb.

And yes, if we said that, we’d be right because her Mom and sister cooks and bakes, too! Check out the birthday cake they both made, including all the sumptuous cuisines for Aarushi Sehgal who recently turned 14 (or is’t 15?) years old. I also just found out about her other writing blog site.

What a creative, busy, and impressive young lady. Kudos to her parents for a job well done!

Please check her site,, out for mouthwatering cuisines; and follow if you please.

तस्वीर / The Picture

तस्वीर / The Picture
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Sharing Thursday: ‘Sage’ KK

Visit KK’s site,, and you’ll find précis, deep and wise sayings (poems) beautifully penned.

Sharing one of such poems that touched my heart. They all actually do. Another one that’s hard to choose which to share because they are all so deep and beautiful.

How does the poem minister to you?

In addition, KK shares insightful and informative posts from both his life and work experiences. Check him, and site, out; follow if you will, and I hope that you’ll agree with me that he is loaded with wisdom. We need more wise men and women in the world.

Thanks KK for your daily sharing.

The Kindness Revolution – Hugh MacKay

The Kindness Revolution – Hugh MacKay
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Sharing Thursday: Strategic Times and Sean K. Fletcher

My comments on Sean’s post was getting too long, so I turned it into a post. Please check out his site,, for more insightful and leadership posts. It was hard selecting which one to share with you, but I hope you agree with me that all his posts are worth sharing.

The kindness revolution” ought to be everyone’s way of life; modus operandi. We can’t force folks who don’t live kindly or offer smiles, but those who do, should be the example others would want to emulate.

Be the change you’d like to see

– Mahatma Gandhi

Hugh Mackay, author of Kindness Revolution, clarified what he meant by kindness:

By kindness I mean compassion, tolerance, respect, sensitivity towards other people. And the radical version is absolutely non-discriminatory; the revolution is when you are kind not just to your nice neighbour, but to the ones you don’t know or don’t like much.”

Sean penned that we should “show leadership in our communities from the ground up.” I totally agree. Like Sean, I already live the kindness revolution. And as Hugh Mackay stated, it should not happen only in our backyards. I started volunteering to “count the homeless” in my county when my daughters (both in their 20s) were 3+ and barely 1 year olds. However, I stopped three years ago when I realized that the count was not producing any change nor outcome that demonstrated that the data collected was being utilized meaningfully. Rather, and in my opinion, it was, merely providing jobs for the committee overseers. I also volunteer during Thanksgiving and occasionally when I’m aware of the need and/or come across a need. In addition. I am a trained CERT with my former local PD though I have been inactive as a result of family life matters and relocating.

Absolutely true that “Revolutions never start at the top … each of us must live as if this is already that country.” I commented the other day that “we, the people, are the government and we have the power, individually and collectively, to change anything as we saw within the past two years.” Another example is the recent U.S.’s social uprising. That was a REVOLUTION indeed! However, I will say that it didn’t have to get to that point for change to happen if we, the people, had acted sooner and not tolerated the status quo. Or we could just say that it happened at an opportune time. Maybe. Either way, and for the tons of lives that were prematurely lost, it’s always better to speak up sooner than later.

Anyways …

Covid, and Australia’s experiences, unfortunately were wake up calls to each one of us about what ought to really matter. Tons of takeaways from the experiences. A big one is that companies are now more willing to allow their employees to work remotely. Hitherto, it was not though many professed work-life balances.

Thanks for reading. Hope you check Strategic Teams out and appreciate Sean K Fletcher for reminding us, once more, of the need to live an examined life.

Hugh Mackay’s book sounds a great read. So does the one by Abraham Lincoln cited in Sean’s post. Readers, check them out, too. I hope I can read both books some day soon,

An essential guide for those who are ‘overly emotional’ or ‘very emotional’

An essential guide for those who are ‘overly emotional’ or ‘very emotional’

An essential guide for those who are ‘overly emotional’ or ‘very emotional’

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Sharing Thursday: Towards your Emotional Development

Have you ever felt that you over-react often or always? Or been told that you’re too emotional?

Could it be true that you are and there could be a latent reason? Or could it be that the one who made the statement to you is just emotionally deprived? Find out by reading the post.

I find this post very informative and apropos having just written my E-Emotional Development blog.

“An essential guide to those who are ‘overly emotional’ or ‘very emotional’” is good read for those wondering why they exhibit deep emotions. It also provides steps for how to develop emotionally.

Also visit the website for a free e-book download. I hope you find it equally informative.

Towards your Emotional Development and Intelligence. Happy Thursday! 😍

How to jump rope for exercise, safely and effectively – The Washington Post

common jump-roping injuries include calf strain and plantar fasciitis, both of which stem from calf overuse.
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Alternative Exercise: Jump Roping

Hey good people. It’s Sharing Thursday. This is an out-of-the-community article that I feel is worth sharing. It’s about Jump Rope and Jump Roping.

Yes , Jump rope and Jump roping? [smile]

Jump-roping is a popular exercise/activity amongst younger kids, mostly girls. I remembered those years in middle and high school on the playgrounds and fields. But we all (or rather, some of us) forget all about it on becoming adults.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts also incorporate jump roping as a part of their exercise regimens.

I laughed when I took the photo of the box. I had kept it just in case I had to return it if the digital didn’t work, but I now use the box to store the rope though it cane with it’s own small storage bag.

Jump roping was another activity that I picked up during the lockdown. (#Safa, #OneIndianGirl) I love to jog and walk around the block or trails, but there were days when I didn’t feel like being outside. So I started jump roping and incorporated it with jumping jacks which I’ve always done. It changed me and all excuses were gone. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a size 2 lady. I exercise to keep fit (no sedentary lifestyle, definitely no eating all those foods and having them sit in my tummy (though I still have a few in there that needs to melt away), and no walking up the stairs and panting).

I do fifty (50) of each (jump-roping and jumping jacks) and do 3-5 reps depending on how enthusiastic I’m feeling for the day.


  • It is a total body work.
  • According to the article, it has both physical and mental benefits.
  • Best cardio.
  • Doesn’t cost you much except you’re looking to buy a high-end one. (I won’t say that mine is a smart one, but it does have a digital inset that lets me know how many calories I burnt and time spent jump-roping.)
  • Improves your speed, coordination and agility.
  • Builds bone density and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Builds endurance.


As with everything and the law of duality, the downsides of Jump-roping, though minimal compared to other exercises, and per the article, include:

  • Calf strain and plantar fasciitis, both of which stem from calf overuse
  • Jumping too high could make you dizzy
  • Sprain to the ankle is common. Wear comfortable performance shoes to avoid this.
  • Avoid concrete and grass.

Read the article for more, including how to select a good Jump Rope. I hope that you find the article helpful. Leave a comment to let me know.

Don’t Make These Morning Mistakes

Your morning routine can set the tone for the rest of your day. So don’t do these things when you get up!
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It’s Sharing Thursday; day that I love to share others blogs and articles that I find helpful, interesting, innovative, or just plain informative.

I’m sharing #WebMD. I have followed the site and have found numerous helpful tips from it. Here’s one such on habits that we need to break. The tips are simple and commonsensical but alas I find myself in couple or so of the habits.

I have some morning habits that I have grown accustomed to. Like you, I acknowledge that the bad habits are harder to break. But try, we must to break them if they’re doing us more harm than good. So, I’m still working on my bad habits and hope you are, too.

Happy reading.

Making the Ethical Choice in a Gray World – Dr. Stephen R. Graves

Making the Ethical Choice in a Gray World – Dr. Stephen R. Graves
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. . .

More on Morals/Ethics. I posted yesterday on Morals Morality and stated that the words are interchangeably used with Ethics.

Sharing Stephen Graves’ article on Making the Ethical Choice in a Gray World.

I hope it blesses you.

It’s Sharing Thursday: #140 – Times of Testing

In the moments of turmoil are where you will find the most sincere peace. Discovering faith in the chaos makes it all worthwhile and these times of …

#140 – Times of Testing

Sharing #Brian Keith’s blog and site, #ImightbeaProphet. Brian’s posts have always been a God moment for me.

. . .

We all need God. I know that I need God everyday and every second of the day. I hope you do, too. God still speaks (a blog for another day). God is talking every day. His voice is both audible and soft. You can sense God via all your five senses. I just hope that our antenna is always connected and tuned to receive what He’s saying all the time. God also talks to us through people and sometimes animals and things. Reading Brian Keith’s daily blog is always like God speaking to me. One God Word can mean different things to different people simultaneously.

The past year has been undoubtedly challenging for everyone. The turmoil and chaos need not be re-emphasized. But as #ImightbeaProphet’s post states, it is in the midst that we have the most sincere peace. I hope you do.

“You are not a victim of circumstances, but are a preselected victor. The obstacles before you are no longer seen as predicaments of punishment, but are the processes of promotion asked for in prayer.

Visit to read more of this blog as well as others, and support him. I hope that God speaks to you through Brian’s posts knowing that one God Word can mean different things to different people simultaneously. Blessings 😍

Insatiable Hunger

This was my very first blog posted with the title “We Yearn and Thirst for …”. I repost it today with minor edits. Thanks for reading

. . .

Everyone is searching for something yet not all know what it is that they are searching for. Few believe that they know what they want and are looking for, but do you?

Photo by cottonbro on

We work round-the-clock searching for more money. We are glad when a raise is given; we earned it, right, and muse that “the boss finally recognizes all of my efforts.” But, a year later, we’re asking for another raise and more money. Whoever said that one never has enough money did not lie. More money is only an example. The search could be for power, success, love, food, friendship, more degrees than the thermometer (credit to Bishop T.D. Jakes!), cars, shoes, etc. I am not advocating idleness. I’m just stating that no-one ought to work like a dog before making enough to sustain self and family.

Many folks work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. There might be other reason(s) why some folks have to work more than one job: for example, having a side hustle, working a business in order to quit a 9-to-5 job or a hobby. These are normal occurrences. The ones I’m referring to are the “I-don’t-have-a-choice-than-to-do-these-two-jobs” type. A two-job earner barely rests because s/he moves from one job to the next and repeats the cycle the every day. As a result, attention span and cognition diminishes. The lack of rest also causes stress and one is easily agitated. Above all, one who lacks rest will not work at their maximum capacity.

Higher is calling

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

There is a higher calling us all yet we all do not pause to ask “Who?” or “Why?” or “Where?” We are just too busy! It is a fast-paced world. Otherwise, one will be left behind. But no, it is not. It is just a fast-paced world in our part of the continents, America. Because the last time, I checked, Italy takes summer breaks for a whole month. Europeans are known to take national naps and their women are given six-months’ maternity leave with pay. Africans enjoy their rests, too, justifying that “I can’t kill myself!” Even the Creator of the Universe rested. Why not you and I? One thing I know for sure (credit to Oprah) is that the Creator of the Universe has a way of keeping one still. I ask the one who cannot take a break, and God forbid this: “what happens when you’re involved in an accident and become bedridden for weeks?” Or the inevitable stroke and/or paralysis occur? Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to paint this ugly picture for one to get it.

Why allow the taskmaster to drive you endlessly?!

Photo by Daniel B on

Is California really different?

Visitors to California echo that it is a highly-paced State; that the culture is different from other States. The visitors wonder why we are too time-conscious and cannot relax for a second. I have not lived in other states to experience the difference but I’m curious to find out. Please share your experiences in the comments below if you agree that California (and probably, New York) is highly fast-paced compared to other American States.

There’s always a silver lining

The one good thing that COVID-19 has done for us all is to take a critical look at ourselves; our businesses, and to put our lives into a perspective. We all have been forced to sit still. If we could sit still and survive the last year, we can accept this new norm going forward.

Credits: Pexels

Rest is essential

Rest is essential to the body and, in resting, we can be calm and pay attention to each other, our neighbors, our environments, and our nation. We can communicate (as in listening) and value one another more. But most importantly, in rest, you meditate, communicate with your inner self, and a higher being. You are calmer, peaceful, and notice a lot of things and details that others would miss.

. . .

While writing this blog, I stumbled upon a new word “sehnsucht,” which sums up the kind of yearning that this blog is about. 

I propose to you that whenever there’s an insatiable hunger (or thirst) for something, there’s always an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Often, that issue is internal, deeper, and the solution can only be found in drawing nearer to the Creator for He’s the only One who can satisfy. The next time you yearn for more, take time to sit still and ask the Creator for help, to speak to you, and reveal to you what your void is.

Thanks for reading.

While you are busy chatting online, people are making millions: see how👇👇

While you are busy chatting online, people are making millions from social media. See how;

While you are busy chatting online, people are making millions: see how👇👇

. . .

I just found this blogger, #Unlocking Adulthood. Check her out and inspire her with your comments and follow. As a young adult, she’s got life tips for her generation as well as all of us.

We’ve all seen, heard, and even shared tons of tips on social media and making money. I love each of the social media links she shared on her topic. I hope that you find them useful.

Totally in love 😍

5 Dumb blogging mistakes I have made

Blogging mistakes. Ugh! Many people, including myself, come into the blogging space ready to conquer the world. The recipe for a successful blog …

5 Dumb blogging mistakes I have made

. . .

It’s Sharing Thursday.

Sharing #Shelley DS, #Blogging with Spawn’s blog. Her lifestyle blogs always have nuggets that we can glean from; like this one.

We all make mistakes, right? Being able to retrospect and grow from it is why I love this post.

Read the post and check and follow her, if you don’t already do.

Thanks … totally in love. 😍