California & the November 3rd: Results

Exactly a week ago, America had its election. There were 115 measures on the ballot out of which the State of California had 12. My previous post listed the California measures. Today, I post the results below:

. . .

  • Yes on Proposition 14, Bonds to Continue Stem Cell Research –
  • No on Prop 15, Property Tax to Fund Schools, Government Services
  • No on Prop 16, Affirmative Action in Government Decisions
  • Yes on Prop 17, Restores Right to Vote After Prison Term
  • No on Prop 18, 17-year-old Primary Voting Rights
  • Yes on Prop 19, Changes Certain Property Tax Rules
  • No on Prop 20 Parole Restrictions for Certain Offenses
  • No on Prop 21, Expands Governments’ Authority to Rent Control
  • Yes on Prop 22, App-Based Drivers and Employee Benefits
  • No on Prop 23, State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics
  • Yes on Prop 24, Amends Consumer Privacy Laws
  • No on Prop 25, Eliminates Money Bail System.

Here’s hoping that the citizens, not the measures ad-sponsors, will reap the benefits of their poll decisions. Some measures outcomes didn’t make sense to me. I believe that the verbiage of the measures statements could have been confusing and as such sway folks the opposite of their intent. But the measures have passed and no going back. Well, maybe till the next election if someone is really unhappy about the results.

. . .

Meanwhile, as the whole world knows, the American Presidential election results have reached an impasse. I believe that mail-in ballots have still not been 💯% counted. Slight change to posted election results is therefore expected.

As we all also know, Presidential contender Joe Biden leads with 290 electoral votes; only 270 is required to win, while incumbent Donald Trump has only 214 electoral votes.

We await the Courts’ decision to either allow or disallow a recount. Till then, President-elect Biden is not pausing and has stepped up his plans for taking-over.

, . .

It is ironic though that incumbent Donald Trump will cry election “foul.” How soon human beings forget. In 2016, we heard cries of external interferences in the election, but no request for a recount was made or enforced; neither were any action taken. Was it because Donald Trump won? I wonder how Hilary Clinton felt then. Very interesting how the tides turn!

Depending on who one is listening to, there’s currently a division ad some faction states that it is impossible for election fraud to be perpetuated, while some state that it is not unusual to experience “minor” malpractices.

My take is that if humans are involved in tallying election results, there will always be the possibility of error. The question then is “how high a probability can be allowed for validity?”

Anyhow, we await either the Courts or December 14th or incumbent President’s concession. For now, Biden and Harris are enjoying the platform of the media-called victory.