Hooray, No to The Recall! Now what?

I don’t know about you, but I had almost sleepless nights about this Recall.

Sleepless nights just wondering how someone, or some people, will selfishly desire to squander millions of dollars, like they were peanuts, to want to usurp another without regard to the impact of his/her/their actions on others. All on flimsy baseless reasons in my opinion. Did the Governor’s opponents think that they had a solid ground? What a bad strategy for planning a hostile takeover. Not thoroughly thought through. Or they and their strategists were ill-advised. I hope they rethink because the results overwhelmingly proved that either they did not have a thorough understanding of California, Californians, and their issues, or that Newsom was just favored and the people preferred his policies afterall.

The results showed the Nos were 5.9 million, while the Yeses were 3.3 million. Larry Elder had eighty (80%) of the Yes votes.

Glad that it’s finally over. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Governor Newsom staying in office to complete his term, and probably a bigger and greater candidate for a second term. Is that a prediction or a prophecy? Prophecies have gotten a bad wrap and particularly with the last President. I don’t want to rehash that, but read my thoughts on it here.

Getting a second term will at least afford the Governor of a real clean term to prove his manifesto and himself; unaffected by covid.

So, now what Mr. Governor?

Is the remaining two years enough for you to perform some economic miracles of booming businesses, curing the State of homelessness, high gas prices, housing, unemployment, and all the ills you inherited from your past predecessors? All eyes are on you now.

For the Governor’s sake, I really hope that God will smile on him and perform the miracles on his behalf. I don’t know if he believes in miracles, but whether or not he does, such a miracle will certainly make him a believer and secure him a second term.

Who bears the Costs?

Now, who pays the $276 million spent to conduct the recall? Larry Elder and all the forty-five (45) recall contenders? No. I hope you know that we all (Californians) will. We need to change the section of the Constitution regarding a recall to read that the contending parties should bear the costs. Changing that section might ensure that contenders think twice before wasting anyone’s future time.

I found this tweet from California Assembly Speaker Pro Temp Kevin Mullin, which sums it up exactly as I feel. “A $276 million waste just to reaffirm 2018’s results with an election coming in 2022,”

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments if you please.


Californians, go vote on the Recall

Tomorrow, September 14, is the deadline to cast your vote for the California gubernatorial recall. Booths are open and you can mail it in if you prefer.

To be or not depends on you. Please let your vote and voice count and be heard.

I voted as soon as the booths first opened on September 4th because I wanted to ensure that nothing unusual happens to my vote. Yes, it became a phobia because of prior voting nuances, rumors, and or atrocities; call it whatever you’d like. Just my way of ensuring that my vote was personally and directly registered or delivered if you please.

My Stance

If you already don’t know, my stance is No on the Recall. My take is that the incumbent hasn’t been given a fair chance, given covid-19, to prove himself. The issues levied against him for the Recall are weak considering that he inherited several of the issues. As I previously blogged, Covid-19 threw everyone a rough curve and many are still yet to find their balances; the Governor and State of California included.

Homelessness, unemployment, high housing and gas costs have sadly become trademarks for living in California, just as living in any high or fast-paced large city. I think it’s all politicking. Gavin Newsom’s competencies as a Governor have not been fairly evaluated to warrant a Recall considering that he became Governor of California in January, 2019; smack at the onset of covid.

What’s more, according to ABC News post, “State officials estimate it will cost California’s 58 counties $215 million total to run a special recall election.” My previous blog stated $276 million. Either amount ($215 or $276 million) is huge sums of money. Using that money will definitely cure homelessness and some change to tackle another issue! I wonder why we allowed it in the first place. I suppose it’s another nuance of freedom.

Please vote

Without further ado, Californians please go vote. Whether a No or Yes, we all still have to pay the price in subsequent fees and taxes to defray the special recall election costs. My prayer is that the Recall fails. But should it pass, I can guarantee you that the next CA Governor has no answer to the rising homelessness, homes, gas, nor unemployment.

Time for a Dream

Permit me to dream a little for a time when there will be collaboration and teamwork between any incumbent Governor (or President) and the opposing Party for working together for a better America. I mean really work together to mitigate, or eradicate, issues of concern to the citizens. This becomes a synergistic and altruistic, rather than, self-grandiose, act. Not just in America, but across the globe where democracy is practiced. That will be the day. Till then, get out and vote or stay in and mail your vote.