Never give up

The past week was hectic but I’m glad that it’s over now – mission accomplished! I’m choosing to relax/rest a bit this week, and gradually get back to work.

Did someone ask why my personal week was hectic? Thanks for caring 😊

I moved; moved from one region to another – like from north to south (or is’t west to east?) Pardon me, I am not the brightest as far as geography or navigation is concerned. I’m one of those who always rely on the navigator irrespective of the numerous times I’d driven or gone anywhere.

Anyways, moving is a work! You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the period. But moving also grant you the opportunity to donate your excesses to Goodwill or the Red Cross or any other organization that needs your items or even to family members. But, once settled down, we begin to accumulate again.

Credits: Oxford Dictionary

I really don’t like the term “empty nester.” But since my children have left home, it was an opportunity to relocate. But having lived in one locality so long, it was not an easy decision choosing a new location. What if you buy a home and you don’t like the new area? The thought gave me sleepless nights. I decided to test out the area by renting first to familiarize myself with the new region and locality.

I dedicated couple of weeks driving around a few neighborhoods. I finally chose one. Then the search began. What appeared fun and promising at first seemed to turn to futility after the first month with not securing a place. There was always something off with the places we looked at. Then I found “the perfect one!” I was excited as I completed and submitted all paperworks. Then the agent who was helping took a couple of days off. I got a phone call from another lady from the office who stated that none of my documents were received. I resent them, but all hopes were dashed as she kept asking for more “unnecessary” docs! To shorten the story, I eventually had to tell them that I was no longer interested. That was in September.

I continued the search but found nothing comparable to the one I had initially chosen. Then I took a break from searching.

I returned to the place again after Thanksgiving to see if it was still available. I was surprised that it was and I re-applied, Surprisingly, this time around, the process was fast and completed within three days! Not only that, the rent was lower than the first time and they had a special which they didn’t have then.

The morale of sharing this is to remind us all never to give up – if at first you do not succeed, try again! Often what appears to be a denial could be a divine delay or a timing issue where God has better things in stock. May this season bring you the greatest stocks ever.