The D-Day has come and gone – 2

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[Last paragraph from the previous post:]

The Constitution of the United States of America states that “the results won’t be official until each state fully canvasses and certifies its presidential election results, which occurs on a different timeline in every state.” The Electoral College has to declare the Presidential winner after the electors vote on December 14. The votes have also been recounted and, yes, some have reaffirmed Joe Biden as the winner. But it’s not final until the Electoral College’s proclamation and Donald Trump’s concession. All eyes and ears will be fixed on December 14.

But, wait a minute.

. . .

Did anyone think

Did anyone think to ask “why has the Associated Press (AP) declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winner; replicating and reiterating Hilary Clinton’s victory presumptuously in 2016?!”

But, wait a minute

What if …

What if, come December 14, the Electoral College, after casting their votes, reverses the presumed JB-KH victory?

What if this was all to teach Donald Trump a lesson in humility? Okay, yay, YOU can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but GOD can.

But, what if truly the alleged fraud was detected? What if the Electoral College’s vote on December 14 overturns the presently assumed winner? How would we all handle it? Undoubtedly, we cannot as a nation afford another unrest. I pray that there will be peace irrespective of the outcome.

What if we all said though Donald Trump does not deserve my vote, I’m willing to give him another chance? Hey, don’t shut me down – I’m just a messenger.

Several other what-if scenarios, but that’s not the point of this post.

. . .

The D-Day has come and gone; yet the presidency (or is’t the President) is still hanging, and the presumed winner Joe Biden is already selecting his proposed cabinet.

. . .

The Point is …

The point of this post is to actually reveal ourselves to ourselves! How hard-hearted everyone has been towards Mr. (Incumbent President) Donald Trump. Or is’t a matter of politicking at its best (or worst depending on your view!)

Two wrongs not a right make! We all, on one hand, profess good, love, forgiveness, positivity, and whatever lingo we profess it by. But with a swift turnaround are quick to throw stones and crucify!

God help and deliver us all!!!

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More pondering

Why hate one another so? Or rather, why hate on Donald Trump so?

Would you be glad if someone gave you another chance?

Would we rather be the Good Samaritan or the neighbor who refuses to answer his door when you knocked at 3:00 A.M.?

When you’re in trouble or in need, would you want at least one person coming to your aid?

When everyone wrongfully accuses you, how would you feel if at least one person stands out and up for you?

Could all that happened had been a case of good versus evil and Donald Trump wrestling with spiritual wickedness?!

Ponder on these defying moments for a second.

May there always be a rescuer in our time of need. Let us all pay it forward.

. . .

If you’ve ever been in dire straits you’ll understand Donald Trump’s dilemma. Did I hear you say “he asked for or caused it?”

“He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone!” 

John 8:7b

If you’ve ever been in a place where everyone who was your friend turned against you for no cause or course!

  • A place where everyone and everything lied against you for no cause or course!
  • A place where everything you easily did suddenly became a chore!
  • A place where no-one, including your family, knows you any more – you’ve become a mystery to all
  • A place where your life defies a cause-and-effect scenario.
  • A place where it’s all confusion for one who’s known to be orderly.
  • A place where it’s just you and God!

A place, just you and God, is always a great place to be. It’s a place where all your questions get answered. A place where all doubts are eroded and all negatives are turned to positives. It’s a place where even the prophets dare not to tread and all intelligence, clout, or moolah are silenced. A place where the storms keep still!

Get in there and cry out to Him. He will meet you there and give you solutions that only He can!



What do we know about Proposition (Prop) 22?

You probably have seen the television ads on Proposition 22. But, you probably know nothing about it except what you’ve seen or heard the proponents and opponents of the Proposition tell through the paid-ads.

What should we really know about Proposition 22?

Everything that there’s to know.

How do we find out what we need to know about Proposition 22?

  1. By doing our own due diligences to be informed before November 3rd;
  2. By talking directly (aka interviewing) with those directly impacted by the Proposition; that is, the Uber and Lyft drivers, including the UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, Lyft (and the other lesser-known companies’) drivers/couriers;
  3. And by voting accordingly based on our own conclusions.

What is Prop 22?

Prop. 22 addresses the “Self-employment for ride-hail and other app-drivers.” Read more about it here.

“Proposition 22, the App-Based Drivers-as-Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative, is on the ballot in California as an initiated state statute on November 3, 2020.”

. . .

There are both proponents and opponents for the Proposition.

“Through September 23, 2020, the Yes on Proposition 22 received $184.3 million, which is the most funds that an initiative campaign has ever received in California (not adjusted for inflation). Uber contributed $50 million, Lyft provided $48 million, DoorDash contrubuted $47 million, InstaCart provided $28 million, and Postmates provided $11 million.”

The amount contributed by these five companies pales in comparison to the amount of $10.7 million raised by the opposition; the campaign for No on Prop 22, which had the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, SEIU-UHW West, Service Employees International Union, United Food & Commercial Workers Local 770, and United Food & Commercial Workers Western States Issues PAC—labor unions or union-affiliated committee as the top-five donors.

This is what I know …

  • My belief is that Proposition 22 hurts the drivers/delivery/couriers. If you believe otherwise, I’ll like to hear your reasons.
  • The drivers/couriers (aka gig workers or independent contractors) use their vehicles, on the big companies’ platforms, for the business of transporting folks from one point to the other.
  • Some of these companies also engage in food and grocery deliveries.
  • That the pay is meagre and there’s no payment for mileage; neither is medical or dental benefits given.
  • The drivers/couriers’ use of their personal vehicles rack up horrendous miles on the car.
  • Insurance for the average vehicle covers only 9,000 miles per year. Some insurance companies might cover up to 12,000 miles per year.
  • But an Uber, Lyft driver racks those miles up in roughly two months or less resulting in four to five times the mileage coverage per year. This is heavy wear-and-tear on the owner’s vehicle which non of the companies care to compensate!
  • A few wise drivers might get a commercial insurance that allow for such heavy usage. But, the heavy wear-and-tear is uncoverable!

Five companies donated a whooping $47 million each towards fighting to defend Proposition 22.


  • • the companies deem their drivers/couriers as significant assets to their businesses, and
  • • recognize that human capital is the greatest asset of any business, and
  • • had each “donated” half of those monies to their drivers/couriers’ welfare,

there, would not have been any need for either AB 5 (the predecessor) nor Proposition 22 to repeal the former.

. . .

Other Opinions

I agree with the Los Angeles (LA) Times’ opinion ed that “these companies are predators that exploit workers and compete unfairly.” They found a loophole in the system and are riding on the backs (and vehicles) of their drivers/couriers.

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, “Uber says fewer than 2% of its more than 200,000 drivers in California use its app for 40 hours or more a week; Lyft says 86% of its more than 300,000 drivers in the state drive fewer than 20 hours a week.”

This data, if true, sheds more light on the whole issue and questions why the companies are paying exorbitantly to defend the Proposition.

Will, or can, these companies fully-employ all?

Will, or can, these companies fully-employ all their drivers/couriers, who consist majorly of the “vulnerables” – my definition of those desperate for work – including minorities who presently hustle for them, is unrealizable.

The drivers/couriers, in my opinion, fall into three main categories; namely those who

  1. 1. driving/couriering has become their main job,
  2. 2. drive/deliver part-time to make extra income for a specific event, such as a vacation, to make a big purchase, etc.,and
  3. 3. drive just because they have the extra time and chose to fill it up being useful to themselves, the companies, and society.

The second and third categories above have their main jobs and are only supplementing.

Our concerns therefore should focus on the first category; that is, those who drive/deliver as their main job. These are folks who work at least thirty (30+) hours per week. Most of these folks put in tons of hours per week. Labor laws allow them to work a maximum of 14 hours per day, with a six (6) hour break thereafter before returning to work. These long hours is comparable to the long hours worked medical and investment boutiques staff. But, these workers do not earn anything comparable to the other professions!

Did I hear someone ask, “but they don’t have the same degree?” Not true, the majority of these drivers/couriers are degreed and unemployed but are being paid minimum wages. The only folks making the money are the companies.

Should the opponents of Proposition 22 win, categories two and three above might not even qualify to be employed and thus be automatically eliminated. Except, of course, they accept the late and/or weekend hours that will allow the two categories to drive/deliver after their main jobs.

Which takes me to the second concern that the companies might force the drivers/couriers to work undesirable hours thereby taking away the independence of the drivers/couriers.

These companies also do not fully pay their drivers/couriers the tips earned, they often delay the payment of those tips, and also restrict/cap the amount and/or percentages of allowable tips. For example customers who desire to pay their drivers/couriers over 18% are incapable of doing so because the companies’ apps have been restricted. I am unaware of any Labor Laws in support of capping tips. Please comment if you are aware of any such law(s).

In Conclusion

Californians, on November 3rd, please think before you vote on Proposition 22. It is more than losing the alternative to taxis, and definitely more than taking “self-employment” away from the people. It is more about making the “Big Greedy Brothers” accountable and exercising fair employment to the human capital that drives their industry.

My two cents. Thanks for reading and sharing. Open to comments and constructive opinions.

It’s getting closer: 50 days from today

Election Day is 50 days away.

Trillion of things have been said; we’ve heard the Presidential debates and more, we are aware of the unrests and chaos that stemmed from the racial divide, and we can’t wait to run to the polls; or, since COVID-19 has restricted movements, we can’t wait to receive our ballot papers to fill and mail them back, right?!

I know, I feel the same way, too. The only difference though is that this 50-day-away “cooling” or waiting period is giving me some pensive moments. I am angst about the outcome for some weird, but understandable reasons. Weird in the sense that I have never ever being angst about Presidential elections. Why now?
Understandable in the sense that we know that these are critical times in the history of our nation, America. As such it is eagerly awaited and everything is being done to ensure that folks get out to vote. I hope you are ready.

. . .

I curiously checked to verify if I was registered to vote. Surprisingly, the Secretary of State’s website couldn’t find my information. I have been a registered voter since 1993 and have always voted. That my information could now not be found baffles me and makes me anxious. I have since changed address. So, I will give the benefit of doubt. I therefore re-registered to vote with my new address; and entered my old address to confirm that I was (should have been) previously registered. Why am I sharing this? So that you also can verify that you are indeed registered to vote. Don’t assume that just because you’ve always voted, the ballot papers (or Notification Card) will find their way to your address! Please check now or re-register to be certain. Because this election is unlike any other.

So, I re-registered and was skeptical when the process requested that, in order to complete the re-registration, I should authorize my driver’s license (DL) signature to be used to sign the form. Is there a connection between the two; that is, my driver’s license and re-registering to vote? I didn’t realize that there was until then. Anyways, I was to authorize with my DL signature or alternatively print and mail-in the form to re-register and re-registration is not complete until the signed form is received; which, with past experiences dealing with government and mails, will probably be after November 3rd! Why complicate things?

The thought of security also crossed my mind, but … I hope that all is safe!

It’s been ten days and I am still awaiting my Notification Card. Maybe, just maybe, ten days is too soon to expect anything from the government. Well, I just hope that I receive my Notification Card (and of course, the ballot forms) way before November 3rd.

. . .

What do you know about the Bills and Propositions on the November 3rd ballots?

As of September 14, 2020, 124 statewide ballot measures had been certified for the 2020 ballot in 34 states; of which 115 measures were put on the November 3 ballot.

According to Cal Matters, “… the list of propositions that California voters will be asked to weigh in on has been finalized.”

There are a total of twelve (12) propositions for California on the November 3rd ballot. Californians, please ensure that you’re aware of them all.

The propositions “address matters as vital and/or esoteric as rent control, property tax law, dialysis clinic staffing requirements, stem cell research funding and the preservation or final dispatch of cash bail in California. Lawmakers added four measures: two to expand voting rights, one that ends a 22-year-old ban on affirmative action, and one that is a tortuously complicated property tax measure that somehow ropes in Realtors, wildland firefighters and “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski.”

Do you know what bills, propositions, and/or measures that will be on the November 3rd ballot for your State?

Find out by clicking your State on the interactive link below. Select the Year 2020-2029 from the Table, then select the Year 2020. You might need to scroll down to read the detailed information.

Ballot Measures overview
US map.png

Be mindful that the propositions are backed by big pockets. Do not merely listen to their paid-ads and the actors/actresses being used, but research and critically think though every point and position.

Remember that whatever you do, do it totally with your heart knowing that you have read, watched, and studied, all that needs to be digested. That, above all, you have studied “to show thyself approved unto God …”
‭‭(2 Timothy‬ ‭2:15‬)

And that come November 3rd, you would have exercised your civic duty and your voice would have been heard.

What would you do come 50 days from today? I hope that you will remember to vote.

Peace people 😍

110 days from today …

What are you going to do?

Whatever you do, do it totally with your heart knowing that you have read, watched, and studied, all that needs to be digested. That, above all, you have studied “to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.”
‭‭(2 Timothy‬ ‭2:15-16‬)

Whatever you do 110 days from today, please seriously refrain from groupthink or bandwagon effect of joining the acts or desires of the populace.

Finally, whatever you do, stop, pray, and ponder to ask yourself, will I be able to live with myself after this or will I regret having acted contrary to the truth and my heart.

I say pray because often not all that appears good are of God. I repeat, everything that looks, feel, and or sound good are not of God. Few are obvious to the naked eye, but many are discreet that will fool even the very elect (Matthew 24:24b). Be not one of those who think that God can be mocked for whatsoever we sow, we shall reap (Galatians 6:7-8).

. . .

The frailty of humanity is that we focus on the negatives of the past and of one another and sadly forget the good of both the past and one another. Psychologists confirm that this is how our brains are hardwired and term it negativity bias. Click the links below to read more on the term:

. . .

In 110 days from today, I implore you to focus on merits rather than the negatives and VOTE with your heart for the Truth.

You have ample time to research and digest each candidate and, of course, each proposition.. Start today so that 110 days from today, you will know what to do and will do that which you ought to have done.

. . .

America is presently in a dire state. But there’s hope still for by His mercies, America shall not be consumed because great is His faithfulness! (Lanentations 3:22-24)

Let your voice be heard; exercise your civic right and let your vote count. No excuses. You can Vote by mail. Check out information on how to now and be ready to vote 110 days from today.