Put Your Rice Cooker To More Use

I am so grateful for my rice cooker. My old faithful. It’s only 4-quarts in size, but it cooks everything I want it to. It also saves me time. I still use it today.

I have used it to cook

  • potatoes,
  • yam,
  • spaghetti / pasta,
  • beans, and
  • eggs.

Other items I can cook in a regular pot, but beans is a lot easier and faster to cook in a rice cooker. I also once used the rice cooker to cook curried chicken, on a trip, when I got tied of eating out. 😊 I am sure that it can cook more if we try it. Why don’t you try it.

. . .

I remember the years that I had to cook rice and constantly had to watch it so that it doesn’t steam to overflowing and or burn? Some days it seemed that I just cannot cook simple steamed rice because the consistency is off – sometimes too hard (sort of undone), other times too soft (overcooked.) The rice cooker has saved all that for, when the right amount of water is added, it helps balance the texture and can prevent the rice from burning as it automatically shuts itself off.

I love the rice cooker for other reasons. Chief among this is that I use it to cook other foods, besides rice. My small rice cooker is dedicated to “traveling.” I take it all around with me especially when on long trips “just in case.” Please note that this is not a recommendation for you to try it in hotels; always check with your hotel if it is permissible.

. . .

Do you have and use a rice cooker? If yes, do you use it to cook other foods besides rice? If so, what else do you use your rice cooker for? Please share your tips in the comments.
Thanks. 😍