Of Kings and Kids

The King rules
over his domain
But a kid
has no rule over anything

There’s a king and kid
in everyone
independent of our ages

The king in us wants:
to lead people
but first has to lead him or herself
to have dominion over its subjects
but first must have dominion over self
to rule its kingdom
but better to do it in love
because controlling kings are narcissistic and a nightmare to sovereignty

That’s when the king becomes a kid
The kid is all about self
-ish, -less, -centered, -abnegation, -absorbed,

Lacking self
control, analysis, or monitor.

Not knowing which self to allow
cos not all selfs are bad
the likes of self-censor, -responsibility, -accountability, etc is what the kid wants more of.

These two (the king and the kid) can often be at war
with each other
and in each of us

The king in you
can kill the kid in you

So can the kid in you
frustrate the king in you

Allow both to reign
The king who can’t smile at self
or laugh with its subject
can be a terror
feared by its subject
and they will never produce their best

These should not be

The kid in us who doesn’t
allow others their right, place, and space is subversive
The kid in us who hasn’t learned to share
Or learned to give a good word
to others
still has a lot of growing up to do

Knowing when to allow
Each persona is relevant
to maturity.

Don’t allow the kid in you
to destroy the king in you

Put the kid in its place today
So the king in you can rise up and take its rightful place.