Friendly Friday – On The Way

On the way
I sprinted as fast as I could go
Cos I gotta reach my DESTINATION;
But, dear oh dear, I was often slowed down
By Obstacles
But, tried as they often ferociously did
Obstacles never could hold me down.

On the way
I passed several lampposts and billboards
Several seas and oceans too
And oh, I almost forgot, the mountains and valleys!

Those Obstacles sometimes called Frenemies were all too present
On the sidelines cheering me to sprint even faster
Many even sprinted with me
Some sprinted faster to outrun and challenged me.

There was a Voice all along the way
Whispering my name …

Those Obstacles sometimes called ReFocus
Were often present and they came to detour me
Sometimes ReFocus, and its entourage DeFocus,
Smiled and laughed with me
Brought Tea and Scones with them
And we’d party
And invited me to parties that I often wouldn’t have attended.
After it’s all over
I’d need a rest to recoup.

And I had to rest

The rest was much needed
Looking back, I realized that if Obstacles , Frenemies, ReFocus, DeFocus, Tea, and Scones hadn’t shown up
I’d have sprinted myself into a steel wall
And crashed into pieces.
And it will be the end of my DESTINATION
Yet DESTINY is still calling.

Oh there were few crashes
Accidents of sorts as well
On the way to DESTINY
One or two were my fault
The rest, though I was sternly focused,
Occurred from blind-sides.
Blind-sides of Life
by those closest to me
On the way to DESTINY.

So I had to rest.

After the rest
I regained some strength
To continue
On the way to DESTINY

This time, though,
All I could do was walk;
a much slower pace than I knew how to
I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and
The Destination seemed never ending nor arriving, but still I walked and walked and walked and walked and Suddenly I felt a gush of wind on my legs.

And I began to sprint again!

Woohoo I’m alive again!

But, dear oh dear, that lone Voice
Ever whispering into my ears
Slow down,” “Slow down,” “Slow down.”
With a wave of my right hand
I swapped many times my left ear
Not to listen to that Voice.

I’d picked up race again
Thinking “you trying to make me lose this race, unh? I’ve been slowed down enough!”
But that Voice never relented.

Then I said out loud “I’m on the way to DESTINY and I gotta get to my Destination fast.”

And, dear oh dear, That Voice replied “No, my dear, you got it all wrong!
It is not a sprint. Don’t run the race of a lifetime in a short distance my child. For the race does not belong to the Swift.
Some days, I want you to run; not sprint,
Other days, I need you to just rest
For it is in resting that you can hear My next instructions to you
Yet other days, you must walk
All these help you arrive at your Destination the way I planned it

I got this and I got you
On your way to DESTINY.
All will be well just as
I planned and orchestrated it.
Trust me
On your way to DESTINY.
All things will work out
For your Good;
Check-in with Me regularly
I got you
On your way

On the way

I thank you:
Obstacles, Frenemies, ReFocus, DeFocus, Tea, and Scones.
I thank you Accidents and Blindsides
For having shown up
On the way
For though you meant it
For my harm
It is all turning around
For my Good.
I’m still on track
And have overpassed
The horse and the chariots
On the way
And better yet, I am still on time!

On the way to DESTINY.