Monday Financial Nuggets: 10 Tips for Success

Financial Words of Wisdom from Dr. Myles Munroe. I hope the video blesses you.

. . .

  1. Everything is subject to change (To everything there’s a season and a purpose under heaven Ecclesiastics 3:1-2). Never make a permanent decision in a temporary problem.
  2. Do not pursue success or money or things. Pursue purpose, vision, ideas. There are three types of people; (1) poor, (2) rich, and (3) wealthy people. Poor people talk about money all the time; rich people talk about things, while wealthy people talk about ideas. Ideas, not money, control the world.
  3. Look for deployment; not employment. Your job is what you’re trained to do; your work is what you’re born to do. Job:Compensation:Retirement vs. Work:Fulfillment:Never Retire.
  4. Change. There are again four types of people: (1) Those who watch things happen (2) Those who wonder what happened; (3) Those who don’t know that anything is happening; and (4) Those who make things happen. Be the proactive people who effect change. Not all change is positive, but without change there can be no improvement. You have to decide what kind of change you want.
  5. Become a person of value; develop yourself and focus on self-improvement and self-expansion. Intellectual capital.
  6. Pursue God. Follow your passion.
  7. To be a genius, just do a little extra. “When experience is your best teacher, progress is imprisoned.”
  8. Use your adversity for your benefit.
  9. Discover your purpose.
  10. Learn from every experience; good or bad.

Have a great and productive week. 😊