Know the reason

People come into our lives
For a reason
Or a season
Others for an assignment Some for good Others for not-so-good

Know the Reason

So you don’t lose sleep
Or shed unwarranted tears
When the reason
Or season and assignment
Have been completed.

Having people in your life stay beyond
Their appointed reason, season, or assignment
Will cause you more grief
And harm
Than the good
Those season, reason, and assignment
Were meant to have done

Know the Reason

Most times the reason
Is not always obvious
But best known
In retrospect

Hindsight as we know
Is often 20/20.

How will you discern Except you pay attention When we pay attention
Attention will always pay us back

The season could be a lifetime
Yours or theirs

Know the Reason

The season could also
Be a brief, temporary, short time
Or for a specific purpose
Knowing the difference
helps understand the Reason.

The Reason
Could be to prepare you
For a personal or familial Resurgence
Or to guide you on or for a futuristic endeavor

Know the Reason

The person may or may not even be assignment-focused For good or evil Yet they are Keep eyes wide open

And you’ll often. catch the Reason

Be careful though. Not to treat everyone suspiciously. New and old in your life Matter a great deal

That’s not the reason for this

Yet be conscious of everyone And sooner you will

Know the Reason

Once the reason
Is known and understood
You will be glad to let go
Of the person, reason, and season
And happy to say
Hasta la vista!

Know the Reason ✌🏾


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